January 1, 2012

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From UK News - friend Commonly known as Dom ... EXPOSING OCCUPY MOVEMENT...
Dom's trial Mark the poet and the Democracy Village shills - reposted note that FACEBOOK deleted by Rob Fry on Saturday, 31 December 2011

by Commonly Known As Dom on Saturday, 31 December 2011 at 18:36.Doms trial, Mark the poet and the Democracy Village shills - reposted note that FACEBOOK deleted

by Rob Fry on Saturday, 31 December 2011 at 00:10

As word went flying around the internet of the 'trial' of "Commonly Known As Dom", obviously the immediate reaction to us protesters and others who have been involved with Occupy
and Dom was what the hell !!! who was putting Dom on trial and why?

Well this was a case of "crimes against occupy". Now what was curious to me is this "bank of ideas" thing and it was them who were accusing Dom of this - and they wanted him out of the Bank of Ideas premises.

Well I turned up with other friends and had a good look round and we all waited for his "accusers" to arrive. For those that dont know about this place in Sun Street its a derelict office building a few floors high and I had been told apparently this place had been recommended for take over by Eleanor Wilson of Passing Clouds fame. Now how true that is I do not know but it made my ears prick up for reasons I wont go into here. It has masses of "cat 5 cable" running throughout the building and internet access throughout and obviously with the high business speed internet connection to allow for the fairly good internet streaming they have. Normally when companies abandon the building the internet is disconnected and their computer infrastructure is taken away - someone has reactivated and is paying the hefty bill for this high speed business broadband as its not your normal home broadband speed - this is no ordinary "squat"

So anyway as it turns out there wasnt going to be a "trial" but it was going to be a "general meeting" about various issues, including about Dom. 

Dom had basically mentioned that there was a "small group" of individuals who were having meetings in secret apart from everyone else and were putting their "discussed agenda" into force without general discussion with anyone else - a bit like the Bilderberg meetings the elite have.

Well one of those involved in the meetings was a guy called 'Phoenix.'

Now to cut a long story short. I had heard of Phoenix from fellow protesters who mentioned that they were suspicious of him. He was involved with Democracy Village and for those that dont know about Democracy Village, in a nutshell Democracy Village was and is an establishment setup protest group, set up by paid activists with involvement with and with full coorporation of the metropolitan police for the purpose of undermining / destroying the legal Brian Haw campaign at Parliament Square - see Brian Haws blog for fully stories of their encounters with Democracy village shills.

For those that haven't heard of the Mark Kennedy Stone case here and how protest groups can be controlled and / or setup by such groups by the police please read here about Mark the SHILL and the group called the "special demonstration squad" within the police force here: -


For those dont believe that paid activists exist, listen to a paid activist admitting she is paid on Sky news here

When a few of us exposed Democracy Village for what it was, a guy called "Gareth Newnham" came forward and confirmed he was one of the founders of it. Well along with him there were a few other founders who setup and controlled Democracy village for a time and those in the Brian Haw campaign know
exactly who these group of "shills" are. One of them is Gareth, another is Dean Puckett, another is Andy Baker and another often goes by the name of "peace" or "hemp seed" "Rob Little" or various other names and there are others. What these "shills" or "paid activists" do is to move from protest group to protest group as a FULL TIME JOB - setting them up, running and controlling them as they go, whilst being somehow able to buy expensive film and surviellance gear and live quite comfortably - on nothing. With no "visible" jobs nor "seem" to be paid by anyone. They also treat each project as a "business venture" using it to "raise money" in some shape or form.

What was interesting about the SHILLS Gareth Newnham and Dean Puckett is that they are now involved with a man called "Nafeez Ahmed" who has created a film called "Crisis of Civilisation". Nafeez Ahmed turns out to be involved with "chatham house" - an establishment group and he is also on the STEERING COMMITTEE of an organisation called UNITAS COMMUNICATIONS.

As it turns out Unitas Communication holds forums for - you never guess who - it states on their web site "Unitas delegates have included UK Parliamentarians, senior UK and European corporate leaders, senior UK civil servants, media professionals, US Congressional and State Department advisor’s and GRASS ROOTS ACTIVISTS" and they work under Chatham House rules - Now why would "grass roots activists" be involved with any of these elites - these are the people protesters protest against - you dont go to meetings with them. Shown here: - http://www.unitascommunications.com/the-concordia-forum/

Oh but it even gets better - guess who one of the contributers to Unitas Communications are ?? it turns out to be the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY - good old Edmund De Rothschild is funding the work of Unitas.

So in summary the shills "Gareth Newnham" and "Dean Puckett" of "Democracy Village" fame are promoting a film made by Dean Puckett with Nafeez Ahmed - an elitist liar called "CRISIS OF CIVILIZATION" - which is full of lies and is a propaganda film and Nafeez is on the steering committee of a company that receives money from the ROTHCHILD FAMILY and that organisation meets with UK AND EUROPEAN PARLIMENTARIANS, CORPORATE LEADERS, US state department advisers and GRASS ROOTS ACTIVISTS -
Now can you see why the protest movement can be controlled and funded by elites through organisations, companies and NGO's with these SHILLS in tow and possibly on the payroll

So what does this have to do with Occupy ? Well Gareth is now involved with Occupy St Pauls PROMOTING this propaganda film. Promoting the Rothschild propaganda.

So anyway - Phoenix - as mentioned was tied in with Democracy Village too and again was a fairly major spokesman - as shown here: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LdFLIUuzw8

So another shill perhaps ?
So can you now see as soon as I heard that another Democracy Village shill was involved in "secret meetings" within Bank of Ideas - it all started to make sense as to why Dom was being hassled to leave.

What was Doms crime against Occupy? Exposing that the Bank of Ideas is registered as a DOMANT and now ACTIVE LTD company and questioning WHERE HAS ALL THE FUNDS DONATED TOOCCUPY GONE and WHY DID THEY DONATE SOME OF IT OR ALL OF IT TO AN ANONYMOUS BANK ACCOUNT WITHIN THE CLIMATE CAMP GROUP - climate change or "man made global warming" also being a complete lie by the establishment too.

Understand that these "self appointed leaders and shills" of these groups do not like to be challenged on matters as they have a job to do - when you do your job - do you really need to be hassled and questioned by "fellow collegues" as to whether you are involved in corruption or not - of course not.

Corrupt people want rid of the people doing the exposing.

So anyway - back to the meeting at the Bank of Ideas (Ltd) -well who should come into the room to attend the meeting -another Democracy Village shill - Andy Baker - oh I put my head in my hands - and with him he brings an "entourage" of people including 2 guys dressed in black - who spoke continuously during the meeting and had most of the meeting talk time - and a black guy called "Mark Edwards" - big beefy fellow twice the width and size of me - the main accuser of Dom.

So you now have 2 ex-democracy village shills now involved in with the Bank of Ideas(Ltd). Phoenix wasn't there at the meeting though.

Well I was lingering near this black alleged "ex-cop" Mark Edwards who said to me "Dom is racist - he is a member of the BNP" - so I replied - what you mean the "establishment setup political party" called the BNP - the one setup to divide and conquer the people - "ask Dom" he replied "ask him what he did to me he assaulted me" and I have CCTV footage. I said "thats crazy" and the meeting started.

So I sat next to this guy behind the facilitator. Just for info Mark Edwards lists himself as a "self employed poet and writer" - his facebook profile is here http://www.facebook.com/mecineman?sk=info

I then got a text from a friend and started replying and Mark Edwards immediately started getting edgy - "I dont want you or your recording device sitting next to me - your deliberately a plant put here to agitate me". Me being me I laughed and smiled politely and ignored him. A kindly girl called Laura turned and said leave him alone hes not doing anything.

So the meeting started and the meeting was about "rubbish" - not "bullshit rubbish" I am talking "rubbish rubbish" - you know "litter" and whenever important questions were asked, the question always came coming back to "what are we gonna do about the rubbish". There was also a lot of discussion about what "hand signals" used in the meeting and how to conduct the meeting. This seemed to go on for bloody hours.

The 2 guys that Andy Baker had brought in - the 2 guys in black were constantly talking and arguing against MOST of the points raised - there was a lot of talking over each other, Dom could hardly get a word in edgeways and these guys had most of the air time. Another guy was absolutely disgusted that people "were not recycling" and so it went on.  Then at last a real question !!! an Occupy St Pauls guy asked the question - "I have a concern about the finances as to who is managing them and where are they going". Mark the
facilitator guy said "you'll have to speak to the finance team" but theres no one here from the finance team - then Mark turned to the 2 guys in black who then - changed the subject - so again no answers. Everyone was talking over each other and much discussion was about setting up "working parties" to tackle issues.

You know what it reminded me of ? it reminded me of a "corporate brain storming meeting" where minions are brought in to a room by management who raise questions of which no answers are provided and what is agreed by management ? "we'll set up a team to tackle the problem" - jeez it seemed to me I was indeed back in my 9 to 5 role where we are treated as children or minions at the control of management who never of course answer the important questions - and these were supposed to be the people bringing about our "revolution" It seemed to me by then that a lot of these people had deliberately come along to CHANGE THE SUBJECT of ANY IMPORTANT QUESTION that was asked.

Mark Edwards brought up a comment about he was an ex-cop who joined when he was 17 or something like that - Karen replied - actually you need to be 18 to join the police force - is Mark Edwards lying about being an "ex cop" ? who knows. What is he now ? a self employed poet and writer.
Mark Edwards then went off and sat out of the circle of the meeting and after a while and I thought this meeting is pointless - so I went for a wander. I then came back and sat down - fairly near to Mark Edwards was sitting who was now typing on a laptop and trying to hide what he was up to from me - not that I was looking - I didn't care, but again he got very edgy. "Look this guy is following me around" he said to one of the other guys about me. Then he turned and whispered in my ear quite calmly. "Look I will say this once, if you come anywhere near me I will fucking break your fucking neck - is that clear". I just smile at people like
this and off he went to another part of the meeting.
So it seems Doms accuser has a bit of a violent attitude problem - that clearly shows the character of his accuser.

Anyway on with the meeting

Again the same guy from earlier raised the question about the "OCCUPY MISSING MONEY AND FINANCES" and then Mark the facilitator said ahh we do have one of the finance team here - and they called him over. Well to my surprise he had a big scarf covering his whole head - not just his face - but his
whole head and he was wearing a pair of swimming goggles. "this is a joke" I thought to myself. One of the main guys managing the finances wanders around with his head wrapped in a big scarf and wears swimming goggles - how crazy is that. The guy from "Occupy" who asked the question piped up  - "I've already asked his guy he wont tell me anything".

Well I guess if you are involved in corruption then you would want to stay hidden from your accusers - but anyway.
Again we got no answers. Some woman piped up WHY DONT YOU PROVIDE THE BANK STATEMENTS OF THE ACCOUNTS - several people said yes - but again this went on deaf ears.

Eventually Dom started stating his case listing one by one his issues about
1, the secret meetings between a certain "cabal" who decide things without involving the others, that included the exclusion of Dom from the building and how this "cabal" tried to prevent him coming in to collect his things 2, The Bank of Ideas is a DORMANT and now ACTIVE LIMITED COMPANY and 3, About the "missing money, who handles the finances and why was money donated into the climate camp bank account
under names and account details they wont provide.

Mark the facilitator pipes up with "thats too many points to handle you're going too fast" - jeez I thought

Anyway there were sheets handed out about the "Bank of Ideas Ltd" company to most people in the room, most of which were interested but it was clear that most of the shills who were "brought along" by Andy Baker and those involved with "Phoenix" all wanted Dom out - but couldn't give a real valid reason - and no answers to any of the questions provided.

Anyway Mark the facilitator had to concede that there was no real reason WHY Dom had to be kicked out of the Bank of Ideas(Ltd) and Mark Edwards - Doms main accuser -didn't put up many arguments except when asked "show us the CCTV OF DOM then" Mark replied "I dont have it here". Clearing no evidence of anything.

So the meeting finished and who should turn up after most people left ? Phoenix - asking Mark the facilitator how it went. Seems he didn't want to be present during the main meeting - maybe he had shill work to do.

So most people left, including Mark Edwards - perhaps he had "poetry" to write and as we waited outside - down the street we could see a police van pull up and it seemed there was a bit of a ruckus going on - anyway we went off to the pub with Dom and as it turned out Mark Edwards - the "self employed poet and writer" and "ex-copper" and "Dom's main accuser" in the meeting did launch one more argument and attack - as he apparently attacked another occupy member outside - and it was him who was being arrested by the police. So whats the conclusion ? - it seems the Democracy Village /Occupy shills - Andy Baker, Phoenix and others want Dom out as he is exposing SHILLS, exposing the Bank of Ideas LTD company andasking some very awkward questions of the MONEY LAUNDERING and FRAUD going on in the Occupy movement - er sorry that should read finance handling of the Occupy movement.

The normal people who come and go in the Bank of Ideas have no problem with Dom at all.

It seems there is a "cabal" of "shills" within occupy / bank of ideas who are running the show - and laundering the finances.

It seems they have a "violent thug" and a liar in the group mascarading as a self employed poet and writer continually placing the "race" card where possible - his name - Mark Edwards

It seems that the Bank of Ideas is indeed run just like a "corporation" with their "management meetings with the minions" using the Delphi Method.

My advice? Dont go to these meetings - they are as boring and trivial as hell and my other bit of advise ? expose these people and the shills - just as Dom is - bring their secrecy out into the public eye - they dont like the sunlight.


As for me I will happily observe from afar... and do my thing... artivism... without an agenda other than truth and raising consciousness.... its nice to not boss others around... some of these noobs should try it... and .... maybe... just maybe.... we'll wake up the sleeple.. they're nice but they are asleep... not good.... 'movement' = co-opted usually, steered, managed, clusterfuckery.. you can quote me on that too..

Happy New Year 2012 - Happy No Fear - Speak Your Truths....