January 5, 2012

iLOVE truthing about the "Occupy" stuff...

reprinted without permission from alternative media newspaper "Here Magazine" of Fredericton NB Nov17-23,2011 edition writer Charles Mandel writes:  "Wasted Energy .. A couple of decades from now, when we look back, the Occupy movement will be something faddish and quaint like, say, hula-hooping. And it will likely have been proven to be about as effectual too.  Sure, I get they're upset about disparities and corruption in the social and economic system. But how is hanging around in city parks, squares and other public places while banging on drums waving signs going to correct that? Nor, as I've noted before, is the "one percent" the Occupiers' only agenda; they seem to be willing to protest anything and everything and not necessarily with any solidarity. Right now the Occupy narrative is turning on their right to public assembly. In Halifax, New York and elsewhere, where they're being driven out of public squares and so forth, it's hard to condone the use of police force. On the other hand, by setting up squatter's camps in the first place, the Occupy movement has forced the issue. It's not like they're protesting the denial of basic human rights, as in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, or fighting for lost independence, as in teh case of Tibetans trying to regain their homeland.  Instead, what is emerging is a senseless movement that squanders energy and wastes time by "occupying" public property and then loudly squawks when the authorities take the bait and push them out.  What is being accomplished? Nothing.  The protestors could "occupy" volunteer positions at non-profit agencies, whom I'm certain would welcome the extra help, and where they could make a tangible difference instead of idly sitting in parks and squares day after day, taunting people with their very presence but accomplishing little else.  If, by squatting in public spaces, the movement hopes to bring attention to poverty and inequality, then they are naive.  Through its poorly thought-out tactics, the movement is robbing the public purse every time police and fire authorities are sent in to clear the camps.  Down the road, these will potentially turn into justifications to cut expenditures to public agencies that actually do make a difference.  Just sayin... "


Choose the truth .. it will set you free.. and listen to Dom.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L1ax_5lDws&feature=share 


As for others, they say Occupy is a funded operation... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKpciLNuB-U


Earlier in the "Occupy".. this was good.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiMm7-C7dKU&feature=channel_video_title Occupy What? Toronto...

This fellow in the UK resonated with me...

Coexist... sounds simple ... and it should be... try for it.

A questioner is good in this time of universal deceit.... here "where's the money gone"? .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8II90In35OI ..

And a more recent video further talk with Dom ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgCNBEB39Vs  ...

Dom is an educator and a free spirit.. he and his words resonate with me... he is truthful.. trust-worthy... and compassionate... he is a good soul.... he is non-partisan, independant and works from his heart... I absolutely trust the man... and here's his recent update (Jan 5th, 2012)..

Commonly Known As Dom

Thursday January 5, 2012
In the first part of this podcast Nickm talks with Rob Fry about his research into We Are Change, Democracy Village and the 'activists' who, it seems, are interfering with the free development and finances of the London Occupy movement and the Bank of Ideas (ltd). This is first class material and provides a detailed and informed background to the investigations currently being carried out by the man popularly known as Dom.

In the second part of the podcast Dom continues his own revelations concerning the management, structure and funding of Occupy and the apparent involvement of the shadowy Tavistock Institute who are running dream therapy workshops in the building being used by the Bank of Ideas (Ltd). Dom is accompanied by a small team who have successfully made a video of the proceedings at a Bank of Ideas general assembly meeting.