January 14, 2012


This is the time of the great awakening... the 'ungripping' ... the shift is happening.....

peace and good wishes to my brave friend in Alberta Rob... thinking of you today... much love xx

From: rob in the pagé family [rob@ConsciousSelfGovernance.ca]

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Subject: Open Letter to Governor General of Canada and Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

Attachments: ev of rev.pdf; PGP public key for rob in the page family.asc

Thirteenth day of January in the year of our LORD Two Thousand Twelve

Dear Honourable Sirs:

I write to inform you that yesterday morning I was detained by RCMP for over an hour and the constable seized my truck despite my peaceful use of the road and NO injury or danger to the public. This action has significantly impacted my ability to govern myself, feed my live stock and support my family. Significant injury has occurred as a result. I am not writing to you in regards to seeking remedy for this incident but instead to point out that this is a symptom of much larger issues that we mutually have.

I am writing to implore you to seriously consider my thoughts and views of events that have unfolded already and are about to unfold in the near future. I’ve spent years working on properly and honorably revoking my consent to be governed, demonstrated my ability and will to govern myself, establish my law form, getting off grid, addressing environmental issues, removing almost all dependencies on corporations and governments, commit myself completely to Christ, declaring and walk the path of peace, living sustainability and I do it all with love and peace in my heart [5]. All this effort has been completely ignored by you and others within the current system. That was demonstrated clearly by your lack of responses to my correspondence over the past 6 ½ years and by your forces detaining me and taking property that I was in possession of. For that I feel much sadness and deep regret. I will testify that Constable Todd Shule (53791) acted peacefully and honorably while he followed his orders from you – however misguided or uneducated he is on the truth! I forgive Constable Shule for his actions. I will not follow up with any remedy as a result of the injury. I forgive!

Please know that in no way do I want to see your government fail. My intent is to actually help support you to keep it running. My view is that there are millions of vulnerable people who are either unable or unwilling to govern themselves. They need your guidance and protection. I support you 100% in those efforts to protect the public from harm, from themselves and others.

There are however, hundreds of thousands of people that have a strong will and more than capable ability and strong desire to govern them selves and they pose no risk to the public or to you and your power to govern – other than others seeing this and wanting to do the same. The risk is that your power over others has already been exposed and this will occur despite your efforts to contain it. That genie has already been released from the bottle. The Holy Bible, 1 Samuel 8, talks about this in great detail. I see much turmoil in the coming months if you don’t hear the message being portrayed by some of these people [1, 2, 3] or those participating in protests and other forms of peaceful civil disobedience. Mahatma Gandhi has much influence even years after his assassination. People are seeing the issues. The more the system resists the greater the people will fight back. This turmoil poses significant risk and I have no doubt that you are already aware of these issues. I ask you to consider the work of these diligent, peaceful and capable individuals, such as myself, and consider our desire to help maintain the peace as evil forces are dealt with in this world. I ask you to consider working with these people to establish a peaceful means to transition people’s desire to stop acting like children and to start living like adults. [6]

I am a defender of the faith in Christ and his statement that “I AM the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6). The Queen swore an oath to be the defender of the faith in Christ as well and I support her and I am in alliance with her on that point. The truth as I see it is we are all Divine beings. I AM that I AM. As such I believe we all have the right to Self Determination and we all have the right to be free and to govern ourselves as the Divine Creator & Spirit intended us to be. I chose to have the Divine Creator & Spirit and the Christ impulse govern me, nobody else. The Supremacy of God is a foundational principle for which Canada was founded on. How can one be free if a superior physical force (your military, police & agents), which claims that God is supreme, keeps forcing their will upon another without their consent? The Supreme Court of Canada [4 - paragraph 67] ruled that the power your Government holds over the people is from the ‘consent of the governed’. I revoked that consent yet find myself still being governed by you as evidenced by yesterdays encounter with the RCMP. I also found out that your claim over the land is tenuous at best as it is on the foundation of agreements made with the First Nations People and the authority over the land is rooted from their authority. [8 – page 61 & 62]

My question to you: Am I free or am I a slave? Do you have a document from the Divine Creator & Spirit or Christ himself or from me that gives you authority to govern me or places me under your authority as your slave? If so, I want to see it and I want to see God's signature upon the parchment. Otherwise, I claim my land, body and soul. I am NOT lost! I AM that I AM.

The truth is coming out and that cannot be stopped. John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. I believe we need each other and that fits in directly with your New Years message to the people [9]. I believe the only way we are going to get through this is by recognizing this and working together. I propose we start working together to build alternative methods of governance so that people who want to be free of the system have a place to go and the support to accomplish this. If this does not happen I see much chaos and that does not serve anybody but the evil forces on this earth. Evil must not be allowed to prosper and win. Peace must be maintained and we do that through mutual respect and recognition of the Divine in each of us. If you ignore this, then I believe you will fail on your own mandate to maintain the peace, govern the public and assist the Queen in maintaining her oath. I do not want to see you fail. Failure is not an option and time is running short!

I implore you to seek us out, talk to us and work on understanding what we are saying. The true power rests with the people. Talk to us! Please do not ignore us any longer and please cease and desist with the force. My options are starting to become limited and the risks to us all are increasing exponentially the longer these issues are ignored. I do not want to see violence or revolution. This will occur if we don’t start working together to address these critical issues. I am willing to work with you to find a peace that lasts a thousand years. I am dedicated 100% to peace, truth and freedom. I cannot testify that others have the same commitment or maturity as I do. Please let me know; how I can help you?

In peace, friendship and love;

I AM that I AM (soul – spiritual body)

Minister of Christ

rob in the pagé family (physical vessel)

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