January 25, 2012

iLOVE the K.I.S.S. formula

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"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J Edgar Hoover, 33 degree Scottish Rite, Grand Cross, FBI Director and Warren Commission.

“You’re a danger to the things you turn a blind eye to”.

We are living in extremely crucial times here on earth if you have cared to notice, if I was to tell you, like I have been for the past 5 years or so now that your benevolent government & the people who lead them are planning mass genocide around the globe you wouldn’t & haven’t believed me. You haven’t believed it because it hasn’t affected you directly, yet thousands of people are dieing everyday because of our ignorance, we have allowed our government to do whatever they want, we have allowed them to implement laws which are slowly taking away our freedom, remember they do things in stages, (incrementally) so you wont see the effects. Our future depends on each & every individual ability or lack of ability to see what is going on & to take the necessary action needed to stop their plans. If we say we care about our children, our families, our friends then we must take a closer inspection of world events, policies, laws etc, but more importantly, ourselves. Our actions in the course of the next YEAR will depend on where we will be & what sort of world we will be living in & leaving for our children.

There is only 2 ways this can go:

One way will lead to a Totalitarianism & Authoritarianism rulership which are based on a political system which has no limits on regulating all aspects of public & private life, this means a restriction of speech, total control over media, a widespread use of terror, mass surveillance & total control over the economy, we need to look back at dictators such as Hitler to get a clearer picture to what this implies. In this sort of system corruption is high, if you have noticed already this is taking place as you read this, ie the bankers & politicians & big companies who are the biggest tax dodgers. We must ask the question, is this what we want our children’s & our world to look like?

If we do not want to live in a society described above what is it we must be doing to prevent it?

The way to stop them is non-compliance to their systems and a complete abandonment of fear.

I have compiled a list which is basically to non conform, it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination but its certainly necessary if you don’t want the rfid chip inserted into your being & run the risk of being a cyborg. My bet is the people living in the cities will be the first to stand in line for the government implants (rfid), as most major city dwellers are almost totally corrupt, both spiritually and sexually. And with children today not being able to go through life without being hooked into the modern day cyber world, & music provided by the bankers, who own the major record labels it doesn't take a lot to figure out what the next step will be. Implants will first be marketed as the next cool device to get, and will become mandatory. This is no longer a joke, despite the smile, whether you like it or not, want to hear it or not, this is a reality, but it doesn’t have to be also. Anyway, here’s the list:

Shop locally, boycott large corporations

Eat more fresh foods, preferably organic

Grow your own foods

Bank at a credit union rather than a bank, make a stand, withdraw your money

Turn of your TV’s, in fact sell it back to the shop, don’t encourage others by selling it back to another person

Limit the partying/clubbing, consuming of alcohol

Cut down & eventually stop smoking cigarettes

Also limit trips to the cinema/bingo/casino etc

UK consumers spend more of their disposable income on alcohol than on, for example, personal goods and services, fuel and power or tobacco.

Britons spend around £17 billion in pubs each year. In 2002, the nightclub market was worth £1.7 billion. In comparison, Britons spent £7.2 billion on activities such as going to the cinema, theatre, museum and bingo combined. £7.4 billion was spent on gambling in 2002. (Source: Focus on Consumer Price Indices, Office for National Statistics & Economic Trends, ONS, 2007)

“People are addicted to money, and everything that money represents”. For instance, the above

These figures have gone up considerably now. I read somewhere that it is now at £50 billion plus. That is shocking to me

As you can see from this list, we spend over £30 billion pounds each year on feeding the system to further enslave us, we must be out of our minds. The thing is people are addicted to it, they will use the excuse of “its just a bit of fun”, well if your prepared to spend all that money & give back to your government, who don’t forget are run by the bankers, then good luck to you & your children, just for the sake of a bit of fun & enjoyment, but you are in for a rather bumpy & not so comfortable ride I’m afraid.

It’s not all doom & gloom I am pleased to say J There is another way. If we can honestly follow the list above. By following the list above & engaging in more community activities we will undoubtedly move away from the Totalitarianism & Authoritarianism rulership which is knocking on each & every door. All we need to do is withdraw our support from government, corporate media, shopping, banks, military etc. People do not realise that the pantomime played out by politicians of all parties is nothing but a distraction from the real structural problems in society caused by the greed of the elite vested interests.

Things need to be pointed out i believe in all of society because of the way it is going.....We have given up the soul in order to attain all that is external unfortunately...It has been designed this way purely for profit & control...I'm here to help people realize that. I see beautiful souls all around me but not yet tapped into, i believe we are scared to face our own realities, because something external will ultimately have to compromised.

There seems to be a shortage of wisdom and understanding in this society. We have become disillusioned and "educated", then believe the buck stops there. All too often we forget that learning, growth, and understanding are continual processes. There's always more to learn about what we believe we understand.


Yours truly