December 20, 2011

iLOVE to do what I can where I can .. from the heart ..

[noticed this in Moncton at the riverwalk skate park .. I guess they are doing what they are I decided to modify it .. if they are " ? " confused and wearing a suit with a logo that resembles the leaves on the U.N. logo .. they're probably not working for me either... oh well.. many sleep.. that's the truth..]

See Chemtrail/geoengineering: ... .... .. and Michael Murphy's (filmmaker, "What in the World Are They Spraying?") .. .. ....

Moncton anti-water fluoridation activism........ .... recently enjoyed a city council vote to get the fluoride out .. nothing like asking permission for your masters to stop poisoning you...

As for getting sodium fluoride out of schools .. time will tell: ..

Maritimer Rick Simpson's hemp oil cure: .. and his movie:  "Run from the Cure"

Englishman, John Searl's SEG magnetics work is 'revoluntionary' more at : .. and .. and ..

Jason Verbelli's great youtube channel: .. packed with information, interviews, and so much more.. and Scribd -   ..
plus, the flyer he created in his free energy flyer video -- its really great too (how to create your own print out is shown in his links too).. .. there are links to print it out yourself and share.. so please do ..

NB Uni. talk recently with U.N. rep. Sheila (there was a question period at the end... but not dissenting voices... I was told "I could not bring a camera nor ask questions" by an organizer..  not cool and it turned out to be a lie)..

If this matter is so very important, critical discussion is most essential:  .. not lies.. not smothering many scientists and others who have a wish to ask questions and give alt. input.. that's truly the cop-out.. and they wonder how come people see them as eco-fascists?

Don't push your toxic lightbulbs at my family in the name of saving the planet... okay?



'don't let them fool ya.. or even try to school ya' ....
-bob marley
.. <3 ..