December 17, 2011

iLOVE getting down to the nuts and bolts

I am concerned about 'dirty electricity' in schools... watch this:  [ if you research this issue ... can you ignore this? ]

Under "University of New Brunswick Faculty of Education" I found after googling some useful, sorta info..

A parent complained about these to me this year...  I have been wanting to get a closer look at them ... today I googled a bit more into this tech...  don't like these hard push SMARTBOARDS which are conveniently (in a time of tight budgets) being generously brought into schools through community fund-raising, Irving and other $$$ flowing happily to gizmos... I want to know if research is being done about the health and safety of these in the children's classrooms (some talk of headaches from these boards)... also.. I am not a big fan of over-high-tech in a dumbed down education system .. the money should be better spent on improving curriculum and field trips and arts and music supplies and sports equipment and staffing and any manner of other great educational tools and things.. not to mention.. my concerns about the emissions causing headaches and other problems .... so - called SMART gizmos  are smart for business.. I'm sure that illustrious Mr. Bill Gates over in the USA is just getting richer by the second on them and the zombies lining up for them [I remember teachers who used to say avoid too much screen time.. they are been phased out those beautiful souls.. replaced with autobot teachers who do as they are told.. without question it would seem... a perfect little army of compliant underlings...] check out the site: .... .. but, that's not my real problem with them.. my real problem with them is that in about 20 years we will probably discover they were initiated before properly investigated ..... health always seems the last concern... in so much 'business' being conducted... and just like the awful SMART meters mentioned in a previous post... I don't frankly trust these governments to do much good for the health of this children at this point.. I am not content to sit back and watch them continue to harm children needlessly and thoughtlessly... they are paid to be professional and I plan to hold them to their implied duty of care of all children..... hence, I blog about their deeds / work....  .. to which the handsome, dashing and oh so (seemingly) unavailable young Mr. Jody Carr (father of two young lovely girls) has yet to respond to me on since September 20111... I mailed him notice of the concerns about the fluoride rinse in the summertime [check the blog.. everything I have done is there for anyone to join in and help me with]... and the wheels move slowly ... so I may have to visit him to 'school' him a little more ... but I suppose that's fine too... anyway, here's some pics of Jody .. he looks like a clean-cut well presented fellow ...   .. time will tell if he has the maturity and concern or if he is just a 'yes' man for the higher ups in the Progressive Conservative government ~ if so, he'll want to keep me at arms' length and ignore me as long as humanly possible.. I have today reached out, therefore, to the prominent and flamboyant and well know blogger here in New Brunswick Charles "Charlie" Leblanc .. who is quite a character and a bit of a cage-rattler (long live free speech)..

Here he is showing his interview/chat about 'bloggers' and the truth about their reality in media... [the new blogger that the fellow interviewed refers to is Karen Norrad on FB (which seems a military sorta handle)... she claims to be a former Irving employee ... Purple Violent erm Violet Blogger is definitely not neutral or peaceful... she is a shill, mole, spy, paid to keep tabs .. here she states:  "I have respect for bloggers" .. hmmm... so is she herself a true blogger or just keeping public up on others for her 'people'?  She didn't like me exposing her (public photo gallery on Facebook of her in a tank wearing a helmet, pro-military stuff... and pictures of Bill Clinton .. and the Royal couple .. Knights Templar art, a psychopathic smile all combines to gives me the heebeegeebees...) I know that she's been spying for a good while on activists here.. I don't trust her one bit.. some thing is smelly in her voice and deeds... I am allowed an opinion.. and that's the truth...

Charlie has been busy rattling cages since I was living on the other side of Canada.. here's his blog from when he took on the 'Ritalin' in schools issue.. I respect his passion.. hope he can help out ... [if he cares about kids not getting poisoned.... especially when it comes to dealing with schools in this province] ... his blog is here:   .. he has a camera, he has time, and he is in the right location.. stay tuned for a progress report in the new year on it... hopefully he has the inclination... fingers crossed.  Another person I had hoped would help has not lifted a finger, so far, but perhaps he is too busy to concern himself, despite being a member of a school board in NB (I wonder what those boards are really into to be honest) .. besides dreaming up ways to dumb down kids and bore them to death.... thanks for nothing A F. ... I am noticing.. that's what I do... It would be real nice for the good children of our province if we showed them some love and stopped the madness - got the poison out of schools in 2012.. a small thing to ask.. a money saver.. a health saver .. a gentler kinder school system.... I can dream.... and blog..

For your consideration .. from ...

"SMARTBoard Initiative

This research endeavour was undertaken by the Health and Education Research Group in collaboration with the New Brunswick Department of Education, Park Street School, District 18 and SMART Technologies, Inc.

In the fall of 2007 the Health and Education Research Group undertook an initiative to examine trends toward change in teacher practices and student engagement as a result of the school-wide installation of SMART Boards.

The intent of the project was to document the conceptualization of the initiative, and to investigate its implementation processes, as well as associated outcomes related to instructional knowledge and practices, student engagement learning, and staff development and collaboration.

The major assumptions of the project placed emphasis on the development of grade-level professional learning teams among educators, application of evidence-informed practices, incorporation of strength-focused content, and creation of enriched learning environments for students and teachers.

Over 76% of participants indicated that their level of understanding of the general use of technology for instruction had increased significantly. Ninety-five percent of survey participants reported daily use of their classroom SMART Boards to present instructional content or to engage students in learning activities.

Survey, focus group and observational outcomes revealed a range of reported instructional practices and changes in classroom learning routines that had been realized as a result of having access to a classroom-based SMART Board.

For more information on this initiative and its outcomes, contact the Health and Education Research Group at 506-453-3515, or send us an email .. at ... u.n.b.f.  .. .. "

..... so they have placed and tested these out around the province... including in native children's schools....

I see "Initiative" and I know I don't trust this stuff...

And... trying to look like Santa Claus I suppose, Irving has happily jumped into the game too....
look who was involved.. questions?

What I understand about education makes my toes curl at this point:  and for anyone wondered, parents are and always will be children's educators... the public school system is to be endured and thought of as a social experience at this point... here's a video:  "The Dark Side of Education" .. to make it clear that we don't want bright, engaged, questioning youth... we want obedience... everyone knows that this is truth.. but people participate and go along, collect paycheques, don't question, don't reform, don't have backbones...

 Anyone ever read 1984 by George Orwell can understand what monitors in rooms (two-way) are actually for.. its always about control..   we read that book back in the day... it stuck with me... Stay safe...


If you haven't looked into the work of Charlotte Iserbyt yet - she is recommended
 - as a parent or future parent you should know what you're up against.. 

Its prudent to listen to whistleblowers who actually have got a wealth of knowledge and experience..
if even with a critical ear.. the message is clear.... education is not what you were led to believe..
much of what Charlotte says is echoed in the newspapers, local regional bureaucracy..
pushing an agenda of 'climate change' and priority for the planet..
rather than humans and human interest, improvement, justice and development..
if this does not alarm.... you might want to look at the larger picture
of why a 'state run education system' is the choice available in NB..
"The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" by a woman who was there.. and knows..
Here:  "Modern Education is Child Abuse" ..  [its a global issue]
I've been and am willing to listen...

Shining example (?) of a new U.N. awarding winning superschool in Halifax Nova Scotia
.. the "Phoenix" -- have over 1,200 students... big price tag... security cameras.. inadequate cafeteria..
low quality education.... deliberate dumbing down... believe it..

This is the future of education... dumbing down and control.

In five parts:  Charlotte tells it like it is.... ..

........... 'its why education sucks!' - George Carlin