September 11, 2011

iLOVE the truth vibrations.. can't you feel them?

thank you Jordan in PEI.. you rock!

We are not having it anymore ... we are not asleep.. we are awake....

because.. we have reached a point now...!

David Icke, thank you.

Peace _________________________________>>>>>> now.....

Listen ........ recently .. John Lash, Dr. Judy Wood on Grok-the-Talk....!

A few links for the International Hearings in Toronto's Ryerson over the Sep 11th weekend:

Laurie Manwell's "In Denial of Democracy"

If people stop asking questions about 9/11 ... they begin to submit to the police state... and the slide down is already well underway... governments lie ... what will you do about it?

Because Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's speech is a strong reminder, I'm including it also, to those people that still don't know who the terrorists really are:!

Long Live Free Speech....

... Long Live Love..