September 16, 2011

iLOVE the power of the good people ... stay strong Gulf of Mexico folks!

Seems hard to believe how much time has gone by since the BP Gulf Oil Spill already...

Here is a recent talk with Ian Crane (his background is interesting you can read his blog as well here --->>> ) ... he speaks with Paul from ZeroGov in the UK (like their work a lot too... planting seeds) ... click here-->! 

As well, this is what some activists were up to ... 'they're still here!!'  [alternative media rocks!!! you won't see these good people on the news .. but I believe they are the heroes]

How anyone can defend this cut throat industry is beyond me ... suppressed energy solutions are coming tho.

Every day a million good deeds are being down to push the wheels of justice and freedom ... thank you for this push to Mark:  ---->>> to the Mayor's office:  and on to the Clerk's office:  [trying to get a chance to speak before city council ---->>> .. he's a big help and an advocate for the good in community... for Ban Fracking!! As well, local non-profit group rep. Terri speaks on the radio: ]

Finally, down in Australia they are fighting hard against the CSG work as well (coal seam gas) which is fracking, hydraulic fracking, ... here is Kerrianne Cox, a wise aboriginal woman speaking from her heart for all of us and Mother Earth:  ------>>>  ... hear her words.

Here Kerrianne sings... "Woman Got No Story" ..