February 19, 2011

iLOVE important agenda information shared ....


1. deadly vaccinations
2. chemtrails/geoengineering
3. water fluoridation
4. mercury - fillings/lightbulbs/vaccines
5. war for profits
6. monetary banking scams
7. corrupt governments
8. police states
9. deadly diseases that are not cured
10. the drugging of our children and big pharma's grip on society
11. bad/poor education
12. violent gaming industry damaging our children
13. fossil fuel dependency
14. hydraulic fracking
15. human trafficking
16. genital mutilation
17. child pornography and prostitution
18. systemic abuse and rape of women, men and children
19. genetically modifed organisms /franken foods
20. slave labour
21. suppression and control of free energies..
22. oil spills combined with poisoning corexit in the gulf, and elsewhere...
23. depleted uranium..
24. poverty.. and
25. homelessness...and so much more..

Chemtrails/geoengineering ~ owning the weather by 2025... really...hmmm???

So these are ALL human issues .... enough though with this doom-and-gloom... now I only recommend going off-grid .. trying for self-sufficiency... preserving simpler & nature-centered lifestyle... learn about growing our own food, support a local food growing coop, reducing your expenditure and shop local and support local businesses, avoid taxes, limit your financial contribution to the system, if you have a mortgage - get out of it... if you must use money use a local credit union not a bank... SO just be sharing, living and loving as much as you can.. I don't comply... now more and more people are waking up.. REMEMBERING WHO THEY ARE... STAY IN LOVE WITH LIFE....

{such a great book}

Tell what you know...  Also, here is a great talk on Red Ice Radio from Nick Rosen... (six parts)