February 18, 2011

iLOVE this film .. an American hero, in my opinion

I strongly suggest you get this movie "Gasland" and watch it.. I asked sweetly but insistently that our local video store owner get this film in to his store.. he is a nice man.. and seems intelligent and open.. he has lived in NYC and Boston and has a broader mind than some in the small towns.. and he claimed as a small business he was more of the local Blockbuster and that the guy down the street ran the alternative-films department of stores in town (they try not to compete but compliment each other) ~ I pushed a bit and he acquiesced and since it he got the film in mid December its been renting well.. got him to sell me his copy cheap and he ordered a new one for the store to continue to rent out ~~ I can push more with it there by suggesting people see it (which I do when I chat with people around town) and I lend it around personally for free too.. this town originally banned fracking but I see the 'prospectors are still prowling around and surveying and wining and dining our local politicians' - sheesh.. do the math folks..so... I plan to visit the Mayor with it.. one group showed it last year in this town ~ they had about 175 people attend the screening.. what caught my eye with this film is the way it came about... and the fact that Josh was making this film to learn, explore and eventually educate people, he is also sticking his neck out in a big way helping push this movie out there with the help of well known actor Mark Ruffalo who was apparently placed on Homeland Security's terrorists watch list for screening the film himself (also heroic) see this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4yDmeNcWXM

.... but these times are calling for people to be heroic, speak up and get the truth out there about the world we live in together...

My recommendation is to not only see the film but tell everyone you encounter about it... realistically, most people may not watch it but you just never know.. In addition, I told my librarian (a man clearly fast asleep, after 24 years on the job he did not know who Carl Sagan was when I asked him to locate Cosmos for me to borrow from another branch.. and seemed genuinely confused as to why he should order in "Gasland" to view.. if it didn't affect him on city water why should he care?  Seriously.. this is the level of apathy we are dealing with in the world today.. just give me my dinner, my TV and my privacy.. just leave me alone OK?)

But I'm not gonna leave you alone...

Here's a trailer for the film:

and as well, at The Sundance Film Festival the Q&A afterwards with Josh:

Part 1 Q&A:

part 2 Q&A:

As an additional recent note Josh stated on his FB page for Gasland:

"Hey GASLAND fans, remember how there was a certain financial news magazine that was advertising a Q and A with Josh Fox? Well they would not print his full answers after reading them and they canned the whole thing! Questions and Answers are linked. And, well, that magazine can go (F)rack (T)hemselves..." -- I love it!!!  http://gaslandmovie.co.uk/ft-reader-questions.php

Like Josh says.. " once you know, you can't unknow" ...

The film: