March 12, 2012

iLOVE magnetics' energy and more..

After what I have experienced in just a short term promoting SEG Magnetics.. I fully understand this place.. the control freaks.. your days are numbered.. John Searl celebrates his 80th birthday in a few months (0:

Suppressed knowledge release and free energy revolution is upon us in 2012.. you can't ignore the tidal wave any longer... and why would you want to keep talking about solar panels, tidal, thermal, wind, and insane nuclear technologies.. isn't it time for a quantum leap now?

Here's an hour long recent interview with James Gilliland (ECETI Ranch) and Jason Verbelli... ... as well as..

an interview with UK's Ben Lowrey and Jason Verbelli (who works with SEG Magnetics - Professor John Searl's work) ... here: 
and .. .. worth exploring, learning ..

Thanks for paying attention to non-mainstream news.. and caring to learn and listen...

Great play list from Fred here: ... I really can't recommend this film enough... the truth is we are surrounded by energy ... the universe is an energetic place... what we are also surrounded with is controllers/ suppression- minded folk who have not allowed us the use of this technology for the greedy agenda does not want us to be free, unnecessarily we are enslaved... so when people ask me about how to get off oil/gas I suggest they stop complaining and educate themselves about real alternative free energys solutions.. this is the direction we must go... away from the control grid.

Come on 100th monkey.. let's go...  ...

I wanna fly .. .. I will...