December 2, 2011

iLOVE sharing info on UN Agenda 21 with others... and other things

Here's a great talk with Rosa Koire .. author and activist ... "Behind the Green Mask" .. ASA, Executor Director, Post Sustainability Institute .. her website:  ... as well check out the site:

I have my eyes open and I am not being manipulated by the Green Mask ...

Also, go to... ...

~ long live free speech .. and dissent ... because the patriot's job is to question government ~

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PURCHASE YOUR COPY OF BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21, the new book by Rosa Koire. 172 pages, $17 + $3 shipping. Available now. Mail a check for the number of books you'd like (include your mailing address) to:
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Also, Rosa's got the introduction to another great talk from a fellow I have come across before
with Freedom Advocates.. he's terrific, here's the two parts below, from Michael Shaw...

worth listening to and worth share... you are not alone .. in the Resistance xx

Finally, have a listen to "The Global Warming Hoax!" talk with Pieters A. Folkens:

The fact that so much is being done to shove, ram, and push this agenda of
climate change should alarm everyone... and critical thinkers should be
talking to one another and questioning what is really going on here...

the fact that this entire generation of school children are having their
education side-lined to instead indoctrinate them to the false
lie that we are destroying the planet and we are overpopulated should concern all of us..

its not too late to alter things to do nothing is not an option though..

This techno - gizmo - driven society is not healthy .. its out of line with nature ..

Page from the school agenda/planner books provided (at a cost to parents) for all school children... and apparently:  "sustainability, air pollution, water pollution, energy, waste .. the 3 R's, climate change, ecosystems, protecting resources .. caring for the environment" this would indicate a real departure/transformation of the education system from the days when I went to school when the three Rs were undoubtedly "reading" , "writing" and ''rithematic" .. this concerns me .. how about you?