November 24, 2011

iLOVE this man's story.. Rob In The Family Page ..

Shared/Copied note from "Conscious Self Governance" written by Rob In the family Page
Rob says:
"ok, starting to get my head wrapped around how to manage all of this. :) Lots of questions flowing my way and I'm doing my best to answer them. Most of the answers will be posted on my website. But I thought I would start with this;
It is my opinion that the reason I am successful in Self Governance is because I did the following things:
1. I figured out who I am and more importantly, I know who I am NOT.
2. I revoked my consent to being governed and I did that using a modified copy of the US Declaration of Independence. A copy of that declaration can be found on the public side of my website very soon. I will ask my team to post it.
3. I declared peace. I am no longer at war with anybody
4. I canceled all the contracts and refused all benefits and privileges from the state.
5. I sent back all the property of the government, which also includes the birth certificate, passport, drivers license, social insurance card, Alberta health care card, marriage certificate, etc.
6. I established my law form for which I am governing myself. For those who are curious as to what it is, check out Matthew 22:37-40. If you don't choose a law form, you will default to the default law form (their statutes and regulations).
7. I removed all my dependencies on the State.
8. I accepted God's covenant as I recognize that I am still dependent on him and all that he provides and all that nature has to provide.
9. Served the state with notice of all the above. That notice was served to the Pope, Queen, Governor General of Canada, Prime Minister, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Premier of Alberta, Solicitor General, Attorney General, local county, city police, RCMP, etc.
10. All relationships need boundaries. So I established boundaries by using a claim of right and fee schedules. I also established a protocol for the state to contact me, just as the Queen has a protocol should you want to contact her for anything.
11. I do everything privately. I work very hard to stay out of commerce. I have no bank accounts, mortgages, loans, bills or any service which is delivered by a corporation. All these "invisible" contracts I believe really trip people up as those corporations are entities governed by the state and as such brings people into their jurisdiction.
12. I established the 'pagé family domain' from which I raise and serve my family.
Now, there is a lot of info here. If you want to learn more, you are welcome to visit my website. If you sign up for membership you will have access to my DVD's depending on which level you get. There is no way I can share the details in the public because I must assume that the public is vulnerable and that they need protecting. Because of that, you must take the steps necessary to recognize that anything you do or do not do as a result of any of this information is your responsibility. You are 100% responsible and accountable for your life. Should you choose to blame me for your problems then you are no longer governing yourself and giving me all kinds of power and influence over you. I don't want it!
For those in the Alberta area, there is a workshop in Calgary on the 5th and 6th of November. You can sign up for that workshop on my website too. Limit of 30 people. I will setup a Facebook event with all the details. Holding a screening of the film UNGRIP on the 4th too. The workshop will cover all the details of how I did all 12 steps. The DVD's on the website is the same info, however the workshops will cover new information that I have learned since the DVD's were recorded two years ago. Always good to see them over and over and over.
I will be holding classes starting on Tuesday. Working on making them available to people over the internet. They will also be video taped and archived on my website. Those classes will also cover new information that is either not on the DVD's / workshops or expand on concepts with much more detail. Schedule of the classes will be posted on my website and sent out via my news letter. First news letter went out just a few days ago and I will work hard to make sure they continue to flow on a regular basis.
Peace to you all
rob in the page family"

Ben and Dan Stewart's film "Ungrip" features Rob and his story... order from Ben's website: check out:

Please share this note... (0: I really have to give credit to this terrific film for re-inspiring me .. with hope and insights... you guys all did a beautiful thing for your human family..