July 21, 2011

iLOVE true activism... intelligent, informed, critical-thinking

This is a strong performance:  http://vimeo.com/26077245 

Unfortunately, people don't understand the larger picture...


If they read this information and understood that we have been heading in this direction for ages... we do not own our resources... we do not own our lands... in reality... the 'masters' and the people with power and money do whatever they like... I think its a painful reality and its an waste of energy to fight something you have jumped on board with.. people have jumped on board with Agenda 21, sustainable development and the lie of the global warming hoax (climate change) that begets a top down management from the United Nations (formerly the League of Nations) which is corrupted and controlling.. I'm not surprised.. but try and tell 'activists' this and they do not want to hear.. they do not want to see.. the bigger picture.. or as I call it.. the big ugly lie... as long as fight against each other as long as we are pitted cause against cause .. and as long as we told we are an overpopulated menace to the planet (which the elitists love to do).. we'll not unify.. I hope I'm wrong.. I hope people wake up soon.. until they do.. no progress will be made.. and the work of the globalists plows forward towards their agenda of control.... its fascism.. its communism.. its ugly..

"The Agenda" (trailer):  (explained)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQf_QfitmKE&feature=youtu.be

More information here and what you can ACTUALLY DO that might be effective.... {thanks Rosa}

To keep it light-hearted.... and because I need to laugh at this stuff ... here's the satirical contribution...