July 23, 2011

iLOVE reporting on the ridiculous from mainstream media...

I never buy the newsrags... occasionally I'll glance at them in a shop... this one caught my eye yesterday:


Since living in Canada, I was under the impression we are peace-keepers... but I realize, sadly, that we are nothing more than a helpful extension of the U.S.A.'s military... we do their bidding and provide assistance... we go into debt for $25 billion for warships in this day and age.. we are so far gone.. we're lost... very sad.

Interesting that the shipbuilders who will benefit are also a large oil family out East -- The Irvings... killing and polluting, good business, and business is good.

But like George Carlin said: "nobody seems to notice.. nobody seems to mind..." a dumbed down, brain-dead population indeed.... we are exterminating indigenous people around the globe and the most people I talk to can say is:  "that's great to create jobs for Canadians" ... oh... my... fucking... god!!! Outraged am I.

I would love to see less money spent on 'growing the bureaucractic government at what amounts to four different levels', and more of the money spent on clean energy for all, better more practical education for children, an ensured four day work week for everyone, good available affordalbe housing for everyone, public programs, and making parks free again... I can dream can't I?