July 11, 2011

iLOVE learning.. about plants.. people.. animals.. life on earth...

This book "The Secret Life of Plants" is fantastic... and I found a link for the documentary here:


I've be defending my diet (paleo) for a while.. I get especially irked by angry vegetarians.. those who refer to people (such as myself) as corpse chompers and murderers.. they need to grow up.. wake up.. and read up...

(0:  Hopefully... their dogmatic indoctrination to vegetarian doesn't do them any permanent injury... I recommend they (haters of meat eaters) the book "The Vegetarian Myth" by a 20 year reformed vegetarian, Lierre Keith... this book, Derrick Jensen claimed "saved his life".. pretty good props from that amazing man... here's an interview with Lierre.. Peak Moment, I like their posts too.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNON5iNf07o

Its sensible and obvious to me.. but.. I post it for those lost lambs... and wish them good health and sanity..