April 23, 2011

iLOVE the sound of silence too... (thanks Jason!!)

From Jason Verbelli on Facebook.. Note "The Sound of Silence"...

I need to break down the language barriers so that people can communicate and we can all understand what is going on regarding magnetic waves and to translate this note into as many languages as possible.


They say Humans used to speak the same language thousands of years ago.

And that the spirits took down the Tower of Babel when we all spoke the same language.

I know what that means now.

There are acoustic waves, and magnetic waves.

Everyone speaks using acoustic waves and we are subject to the language of those waves.

If you don't understand the Vibration.... you have a barrier.

But magnetic waves don't need translation and they don't need to be interpreted by the brain. If you were to speak in silence, meaning in magnetic waves... we would use what is called Telepathy.

The same electric signals interpreted by the brain can be sent as a magnetic signal. It wouldn't matter the language, because an idea is an idea.

It only becomes language when you speak.

But if you think.... you use magnetic waves.

As loud as an acoustic wave is........ is as quiet as a magnetic wave is.

If humans trained themselves to listen to the silence, we would hear the other side.

I think spirits speak using that spectrum and we can't hear it because we are trained to hear sound vibration, not waves of silence.

So we can break down the language barrier of Earth by translating these papers first so people can understand magnetic waves.

THEN our children and grandchildren will learn to speak and use those magnetic waves in ways that we only see in movies.

The greatest ideas and knowledge that fill you up is coming from the silence.

Learn to meditate and sit in the silence EVERYday. Just a bit.

The third eye is just like your regular eyes.

Telepathy takes time to adjust to.

It's like your eyes take time to adjust to the dark.

You go from a bright environment into a dark room and you are blind. But if you wait a few minutes, your eyes adjust.

The same goes for your 3rd eye.

You are around sound all day. birds chirping, cars running, speaking, music, etc.

that's why the fanatics call music the devil and technology the devil. Because it takes away from silence.

If you were in a cave for a full day.... you would adjust to the sounds and be able to hear every water drop and rock shift.

You would become sensitive to every vibration much more.

You can't hear the dead or spirits or ETs unless you adjust your third eye to silence like your eyes adjust to dark.

But it takes more time for the 3rd eye.

You need a few hours of silence before you even adjust.

But people get bored and don't do it correctly, so they don't "believe."

Mainstream science has yet to discern the dynamics of positive and negative electricity.

The TWO Spectrums of the Universe:

Electromagnetic Radiation and Magnetoelectric Gravitation

Thermodynamics & Conservation / Cryodynamics & Liberation

Observation / Intuition

Explosion / Implosion

Science / Spirituality

Physical / Aetheric

Linear / Non Linear

Random / Uniform

Friction / Freedom

Particles / Waves

Modern / Ancient

Straight / Vortex

Chaos / Order

Loud / Quiet

Death / Life

Time / Space

Yang / Yin

A man named Dr. Patrick Flanagan built a Telepathy Machine back in 1958 and called it the Neurophone.

But that was dealing with electric signals.

Wirelessly with magnetic waves would be true telepathy.

It would just sound like someone speaking in your mind in your own language.

Universal Communication and Bypassing Deafness:


Harmonic Magnetism:


Harmonics of Wobbling Spheres: