February 5, 2011

iLOVE Jason Verbelli's genius... he always blows my mind with his shares...

{read the extensive notes with the above youtube video ~ awesomeness}

This note, which I came across... should probably be put into the public domain, and why not by me?

"2 years ago, some hooded man broke into my home.  I had it on my security cameras.  This person went to up to my door, slipped a NASA / ESA sticker under my doormat and carefully backed down the steps as not to have his face filmed by the camera.

He then went to another door of my home and either had a key and smoothly opened it up, or just straight up walked through the wall.

On camera it was even more strange. And there was no footage of the person leaving my house.

This is the sticker he left for me which is of a Ulysses Satellite Mission to map the North Pole of the Sun and get 360 degree imagery."

Planets do NOT orbit the Sun, but rather follow in the Sun's "helical wake". The front of every Star and Electron is cold and dark while the heat and light are trailing behind. NASA has NOT filmed 360 imagery of the Sun. They can't even reach our COMET known as the Sun.

There is no such thing as orbit in Phi spiraling 3D space.

The absurd notion that the planets orbit the sun is based on childish observations which are taken as gospel to the quackademic and lamestream scientific community.

The Sun does NOT sit stationary in space while planets orbit round and round. The Sun is traveling in a corkscrew motion in a particular direction while all the planets follow in the wake of the Sun.

The fire and heat of the sun is like the hair of a woman flying backward while she runs forward.

We are seeing the Cathode side of the Sun, the bright side.

If there was a bunch of confetti on a table and you quickly move your hand over it, the confetti will follow in the wake. Just as little planets follow in the wake of larger celestial bodies like the Sun.

But the sun is traveling in a corkscrew.

Even Ed Leedskalnin traced the path of the sun and drew it under his Rock Telescope. You can see the path is like a slinky.

But you can only see it from the equator, or else the illusion of orbit will be misinterpreted from other latitudes.

Nassim Harramein almost has it right in this model:

But nothing travels in a straight line in Phi spiraling 3D space.

His model shows the Sun traveling in a straight path.

And all the planets are not on the same ring or axis.

The bigger planets will always be further out.

And the further out you go, the more pronounced the rings.

Jupiter may gain more rings after 2012 because everything is said to be gaining frequency which means all things would compensate.

Pluto is probably a run away moon from Jupiter.

The ancient planets in the solar system were blown up by the people who lived on them.

We now see those planets as the asteroid belt and we think Pluto is one of the ancient planets.  it's not.

The actual path of the Sun is more like a corkscrew and the planets follow in the helical wake.


When you run, the wind hits your face and cools it.

The heat is flying off the back of your head like a woman's hair.

Science says the sun is equally bright all the way around.

That WOULD be true if it wasn't traveling at the speed of light in a corkscrew through space.

Space has resistance like wind and when you're traveling that fast, the Aetheric Wind will cause friction on the front half of the heavenly body. All the heat and light will be pushed back from the inertia of the ever accelerating drain of the void. (Phi spiral)

Science says that the void is not empty and that there are atoms floating here and there.

Well if it's just drizzling outside and you run really fast... you're going to get soaked.

So even if there's only tiny particles here and there in the void... a giant object like a planet or star will experience "Aetheric Wind" as it travels in space. Space has resistance because of this.

So going into the wind is cool, behind it is hot.

If you dip a tennis ball in gas and light it on fire, the flame could be seen all the way around the ball engulfing it all.

But if you light it on fire and then throw it... the half of the ball going into the wind won't have flames on it and all the heat and fire will trail off behind it.

What does the so called "law" of conservation of energy say about the cool wind of space?

The so called Law of Conservation is in reference to stationary bodies in space.

Yet nothing is stationary.   ...So.... no conservation.

The center of Earth is a Yin Yang star.

When something is going forward into the wind, there is a dividing line of Hot and Cold, but it's not an exact "line". More like a gradient.

I think this is where magnets come into play in this regard.

You can't put 2 hot sides together and you can't put 2 cold sides together.

Only Hot Cold Hot Cold, + - + -, In out In Out, etc.

So my models of 2 Negatives on either side of a positive ring are correct.... but I was still looking at it wrong.

Hot on one side.. Cold on the other side IN REGARDS TO LIGHT. (Y axis)

But in regards to POLARITY... we have 2 Negatives on either side a Positive ring on the X axis.

Earth will eventually expands and gets further away from the Sun as all planets do after they are born from out of their Sun

Those big planets like objects NASA keeps filming by the Sun, are probably new planets and moons being born.

According to Walter Russell All planets come OUT of a Sun.

They cool as they get further away and expand.

If a planet is dense enough when it comes out.. it will have potential to harbor life. Jupiter may have once been solid, but it's now expanding, Not contracting.

When the Rings of Earth break free from the ground at the Equator, it will look something like the scene in Avatar where the mountains are floating in the sky.

They will eventually break into dust and become rings like Saturn and Jupiter.

So, in Nei Kung / Qi Gong / Kundalini / Kriya Yoga / Tantra all deal with developing a sphere of energy where one side is hot and the other is cold.

When you compact the energy from all sides, you break certain tendons holding the sphere "Dan Tien" in place. (Chi reservoir)

So imagine a Star as a giant Chi reservoir, or comet.

Verrrry few stars learn to control their will power and compact the energy in such a way as to create a cycle where one side chases the other. The hot pushes the cold and the cold pushes the hot.

In reality, there is no such thing as pull. Only push. But if you were looking in a series of mirrors, you would see the illusion of pull.

So when a human being consciously boosts will power and trains a certain way... or when a magnet is consciously manipulated (John Searl) .... the Hot will chase the Cold and create a perpetuating system of energy.

This results in 2 cathodes and 2 anodes which can then branch off to more if the person was trained at those higher levels of fractal Kundalini / fractal Qi Gong/ Fractal Tantra, etc.

But those practices are for "the gods" and in order to attain that, you need to manifest the Yin Yang within.

And in order to do That... we need to get off of the quackademic indoctrination of Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Bohr, The Federal Reserve, The Vatican, the "experts", the Kings, the Oil companies, etc etc.

From here… please read my paper called The Capacitance of Self Denial:


So many people are chasing white rabbits… but little do people know that the front half of the rabbit is black.

The difference between Newtonian Mechanics and Russelian Cosmogony is the same difference between a prism distributed on a wall verses an actual rainbow.

Newton: "The colors are straight!!!"
Walter Russell: "The colors are curved!!!"
Jason Verbelli: "Gentlemen... you're both right.. but under different circumstances. Learn to see how both are a reality."

It’s like a map verses a globe.

You can watch a movie on a TV or a wall from a projector because it's a Flat surface. You can measure the distance of things in the movie with straight lines. But in real life.. you need to account for the curvature of the Earth.

Try watching that same movie projected on a sphere as evenly as you can on the flat screen.

The Secret of Light, Walter Russell:

A New Concept of the Universe by Walter Russell:

End of note... definitely not the end of the story, discoveries, science, adventure.. the truth is OUT THERE!