December 31, 2010

iLOVE the duality of nature... the dark and the light... the good and the bad... embrace them both readily... they are your guides..

Its New Years Eve... the year 2010 was an amazingly transformational time for me... I live in gratitude (0:

Just wanted to share this film also from Michael Moore ~ "Capitalism - A Love Story" from one of my favourite websites you can see the film here:

I thought this film so good I went to rent it from the video store recently and also got the benefit of the special features which I was able to find on YouTube as well here:

1)  Jimmy Carter's : Speech from July 1979 - Crisis of Confidence ...

2)  Chris Hedges' talk:  (part 1)

(part 2)

It makes me wonder what happened in America... but then I remember the story of the frog pot theory... slowly turning up the temperature to boil... Waking Up From The American Dream is what 2011 ought to look like... let's hope it does... for most of the world the Dream of Americans has caused a nightmare for them... and the planet in general..

I hope (as Bucky Fuller said) 'we can make'... that's my wish for us all...